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housemeister grew up on the streets of techno terlin, dj half a life,
stands as one of the longest members of the BNR crew.
he has produced more than 30 vinyl records, 5 full length albums and
touring in over 50 countries worldwide.
housemeister was extremly busy in 2013. check out his new website:
he reactivated his label AYCB and released 10 releases in 10 month
incl. jan driver, d_func. or 3 ep´s housemeister & dave tarrida,
wich was charted from many artist like dave clarke, boys noize or zombie nation.
in april he released on boysnoize records his album “op-1” made with just one small synthesizer,
wich got lot of support, charted in i-tunes on#74,  like an interview for jay z´s lifeandtimes blog,
on or this 6 page studio interview in printed synmag.
at the end of 2013 he released another album on AYCB: “game over” the game boy album… (album of the month mixmag uk dec2014)
just made with a gameboy this time. check his soundcloud to hear the album and
his daft punk remix he made with 80000 plays and 6000 downloads.
together with boys noize they have produced the track “1988” for the BNR “tribute to dance mania” compilation
and for sure some remixes are done, like paul kalkbrenner “square 1” and boys noize “circus full of clowns”!
stay tuned for more upcoming in 2014.

Born 11.11.77 up in the cold where the Baltic Sea eats Germany, Housemeister came to Berlin age 5, just got 12 when the wall came down. Times they were a-changin’, in fact times hit like a tsunami, and little Housemeister decided to ride that wave like a motherfucker. So by ’94, anarchy reigned. Punk and Rap, Turntables and Basement Parties, Love Parade und Mayday, Weed and Spray Cans, Fake IDs and 150bpm, E-Werk and Tresor, Walfish and Electric Ballroom. By ’95, he hits Kreuzberg, central Berlin, moving in with his best friend and legendary Hardwax Record Store right around the corner. He’s been mixing high-energy music ever since. By ’99, Housemeister was spinning all over the place, releasing 4 maxis with the BPitch collective, the first of which awkwardly been licenced by Karl Lagerfeld. By now most of europe knew what to get when entering the Housemeister Spacecraft: relentless, hardcore, dirty dancefloor ecstasy. Everybodys hands in the air, everbodys booties bouncing hard: techno in its total beauty. Housemeister kept riding the wave, spreading the rave, playing everywhere and every weekend, celebrating the living crap you can beat out of tools and crowds alike: the noize. So in 2005, he released his debut album „Enlarge your Dose“ on Boysnoize Records. You know that old proverb went “party like there’s no tomorrow“ after “Enlarge your Dose“, it was “party like there’s no too much“.

More releases on BNR followed, more gigs, more girls, more boys, more noize, so hyperactive Housemeister couldn’t help but set up his own label allyoucanbeat in 2006, releasing 10 more records leading up to the infamously acclaimed “Who’s that Noize?“ album of 2008. This shit hit the fan, and Housemeister started playing the world. So who is that Noize? A party-hard, no-bullshit bastard with a great sense of humor. A straight dog blend of city culture and animal instincts. A legend really. Housemeister never sleeps, they say. Producing and releasing, playing and partying all over the world, remixing and having stuff remixed by Boys Noize, Modeselektor, Bonaparte, Goose, Zombie Nation, Siriusmo, Alexander Kowalski, CLP, TokTok and many more, basically getting his dirty hands dirtier in any damn thing that’s music and loud.

In march 2011, he and Boys Noize released another full-length blow to the head: “Shizzo“. But Housemeister don’t stop. He’s mastered the wave, he’s survived the rave and he’s surely come out on his own two feet. The man is the message, and his new album is the shit. After all, if you can say it all in three words, who really needs a pussy ass biography?

The latest album is out on Boysnoize Records, and it’s called “Music is Awesome“ – and that’s all, bitches!

Boiler Room Berlin Housemeister DJ Set

Boiler Room Berlin Housemeister DJ Set Audio Only

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