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BNR Interview+Mix: Escor Krist

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Escor Krist released his new EP “New Void City“. To get behind the face of the L.A. based producer we’ve sat down for a little chat.
Read the interview below and listen to his new “New Void Sessions 001” Mix.

  1. Tell us who is Escor Krist and why Escor Krist?

Before I started producing under this name I was in a duo. Around 2011, I came up with the name for all my work on my own to fall under. I wanted to create something that hadn’t been heard before so I took the first five letters of ‘scorpion’ in Spanish which is ‘escorpion’ and then added ‘Krist’ to it. I do hear people mispronounce the end though, it’s pronounced just like ‘Christ’ but has nothing to do with religion. I just thought it went well. This project is something I want to evolve over time and go beyond music with. I think before I wanted to be a music producer or DJ I just wanted to create and I want to extend the creativity within this music project to stuff like visual art, film and clothing. My ultimate goal is to “naturally grow” towards an album and a live show.

2.  How long have you been into techno / electronic music, what dragged you into it?

The trip down the rabbit hole began around 2007 when that whole scene really started taking off here in the states. I was 16. I always had an inclination to electronic sounds since I was young and before I really started getting into the electro scene here, some call it the “bloghouse” era, I was listening to a lot of bands that were using electronics like Klaxons, The Faint, Muse etc. It was a smooth transition from indie bands to electronic music now that I look back and I think it happened for a whole generation at once. It was a really dope time in music. After that I started teaching myself a little more about the roots and discovered stuff like house, acid, ghetto, techno, all that. I think the reason I love it so much is cause there are no rules.

    3.  You have a sympathy for Techno. What do you like most about that genre?

Techno to me is very primal. The hypnotic repetition induces something kinda meta-spiritual in a sense and I’d compare it to ancient cultures banging tribal drums, it’s a natural response within us. Also, it’s super punk.

    4.  How did you get in touch with BNR?

I bugged the shit out of Alex. No joke. I probably gave him 3 demo CD’s and he kept saying he lost them. I think one day he was just like “damn this kid bugs” and finally decided to listen. It was downhill from there.

    5.  How was your creating process for your EP “New Void City”? What are the influences?

Immediately after I put out my first EP I started thinking about the next one. I wanted to continue an underlying theme I did with the first one which was creating an environment around the sounds. The first one was influenced by a lot of aggressive street sounds, stuff like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys. There was also hardstyle, rave and techno influences.  ‘Kult Street’ was kind of the physical place I wanted the music to live in and I brought some of that to life in the music video for ‘Television Trance’. It’s important for me to have visuals connected with all the music. The name ‘New Void City’ came to me randomly and all the ideas came from the name, this one was more about exploring the sounds of the “night” clubs, warehouses, stuff like that. I imagined ‘New Void City’ as the place that ‘Kult Street’ took place in, just another chapter. The themes of ‘Kult Street’ were anarchy, rebellion and freedom. ‘New Void City’ explored some darker pseudo-psychological stuff that I think ties into this type of Orwellian society we’re living in. Government spying & police brutality embody this dark subconscious energy filled with fear and drunk with power. I think it’s a really poetic dichotomy of the dark side of the mind and the current state of the powers that be. Something that some explore through the pitfalls of sin & hedonism.

Most of the tracks started with a vocal hook or loop I wrote beforehand, I recorded them with the Roland VT-3. I also used the Roland AIRA TR-8, TB-3, System-1 and a bunch of samples. I try not to think about the sounds I want to use and just let things flow, more of the inspiration for the track comes from the vocal or idea. At the same time, I think anything or any type of sound I’ve been influenced by has the potential to impact that process, it’s kinda like the wheel of fortune that pops up when Ableton freezes. The end result is always a collage of all my influences. The sounds of ‘New Void City’ have hints of classic electro, acid, breakbeat, warehouse, punk, techno, ghetto & bass.

    6.  First ever BNR track you bought / listened to?

It was probably something off Oi Oi Oi, my cousin played me Boys Noize in my car. After that I got into BNR and remember getting the first Les Petits Pilous, D.I.M. & Shadow Dancer EP’s. Still really good shit!! ‘Wake Up’ & ‘Is You’ were big tracks when they came out.

    7.  Is there any particular sample in your library you can’t resist to use?

Yeah, there’s a kick I start with a lot. I always tweak it and it leads to something different every time.

    8.  Do you have any rituals before you start working on a track?

The space is a big deal when I work on stuff. I set up all the gear beforehand, those moments of inspiration are like smoke sometimes. I have different colored light bulbs in my studio I switch and combine all the time just for vibes. I’ll probably light incense or something too, keeping all the senses stimulated is key. Then I just get super high.


    9.  Any hobbies besides the music?

I work on film stuff with my brother. If I wasn’t making music I’d probably be doing that. He’s studying film at the moment and I end up working with him a lot. I like writing scripts and coming up with ideas. Our dynamic is pretty yin-yang. We shot my first video together and are planning a new one soon. We’re also working on some visual stuff for the new Boys Noize album.

    10.  What are your three favorite BNR releases?

That’s tough so I’m just gonna go off the top of my head. Super Acid was fucking dope. I keep bugging Alex to do a second one. Another standout was the first BNR Trax, Ambivalent by Electric Rescue. Then, the first Handbraekes.

    11.  What is the electro / techno scene and the club life in Los Angeles like?

I think it’s the best it’s ever been, it’s exciting to see it grow and evolve. You have a niche for every scene really and there’s a lot of people bringing out some good acts. All the underground parties happen in DTLA, the vibe & energy is perfect. A lot of people in LA know what’s up. The only thing I think would change the game, is if we didn’t have that 2 AM call time.

    12.  Going forward from 2015, what are you up for in 2016?

I’m gonna start thinking about what to release next, play some gigs. I know I want to collaborate a lot too. I have a lot of ideas with rappers. Hopefully something with Spank Rock soon.

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