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Please welcome New York City born Boody & Le1f to the BNR-Crew. After his murky debut mixtape “Dark York“, Le1f hooked up with longtime collaborator Boody to present their first official release, “Liquid” on Boysnoize Records.

Liquid is a story of the natural becoming unnatural – of purity assimilating into baseness– a story of the submerged rising up, just to sink again into something new. The record opens with “Jelly Fish” – where deadly, muted kicks cut through the water close to the ocean floor, while gelatinous synths propel the song swiftly along the outline of its ever shifting form. “Buoy“ begins in mutation, struggling and folding in on itself– ultimately finding itself again as a howling, cryptic underwater creation. Anchors, sonar, and vanishing claps build into a dark cavernous tension, ultimately to be relieved by ascension past the water’s surface, giving way for Le1f’s measured and whispery vocal introduction. Now more firmly rooted in the mortal world “Soda” is a reference to the man made, to the fluid product of man’s introduction to nature. Le1f coos suggestively while swelling low end, popping bubbles, and furious “Ha” samples elevate the song to its bursting point. Finally pure in its impurity, the journey completes in “Sweet Tea”, a straightforward ode to the artificial– replete with marching drums, cat calls, and broken glass. Following– Bellingham, Washington’s Cedaa remixes “Sweet Tea“ – using some of Le1f’s strongest lines and a pulsating, hydraulic instrumental, his mix pumps the original into a kind of club mutant. The EP closes with a cunty Jersey Ballroom remix of “Soda“ from MikeQ and Divoli S’vere. Together they turn the subtle bubbliness of the original into a jackhammer of a floor basher.

As a 12“ Exclusive- prequel track “Born Underwater” will open the EP – a mesmerizing composition that provides a philosophical context for whole release.

Nov. 19th (Digital+12″)


01. Jellyfish
02. Buoy
03. Soda
04. Sweet Tea
05. Sweet Tea (Cedaa Remix)
06. Soda (MikeQ & Divoli S’vere Daughter’s Ha Remix)
+ Born Underwater as 12“ Exclusive-Track on Vinyl


Audionite: Super fresh beats! the whole release is great…

Ego Troopers: wow! big EP, loving the different feel. Soda and Buoy are real big.

SCNTST: kinda cool

BS1: Abstract, visionary and cinematic somehow, love it! Buoy and Soda are dope! Dig the remixes as well

Acid Jacks: Feeling that original mix of soda

Brodinski: GREAT EP! love the Vibe! GO LE1F <3

Jence (Digitalism): Good production! Not my strasse though

Maelstrom: Unexpected and fascinating, loving the creativity of the production and the dark basement vibes

Al (Shadow Dancer): Jelly Fish is a super piece of atmospheric electronica, I’ve been listening to it a lot

Peaches: Dark and hot!

Djedjotronic: Some nice Subaquatic landscape here! “Sweet Tea” and “Jelly Fish” for me please

Udachi (Party Like Us / Trouble & Bass): damn sweet tea is boss dude!

Lil Internet: the ep is really good man

Gotia Dietz (Math Head/Passions): EP is fantastic

ELOQ (CHEFF / YO FOK / Chew The Fat): Doooooope

matrixxman (5kinandbone5) – this is post-apocalyptic futurism at it’s finest

The-Drum  – wow this is really amazing

BD1982 The whole release sounds really fantastic. I’m especially feeling Buoy
and the original mix of Soda right off the bat.

AC Slater – this is amazing! wow. the raps on buoy holy shit.

Julius Sylvest  – dope and energetic stuff. love that combo!

Renaissance Man – Great EP! and great video too!

Kuhrye-oo – sounds huge!!

Norrit – so good. great great stuff

Cosmic Revenge – big up man, feelin the Le1f collab

Savage Skulls / Stay Gold – it’s great

HxDB – REALLLLLY good!!!! Will be supporting this for sure man.

Teengirl Fantasy so f-ing cool

Sam Tiba – i love this ep 


Sam Hopkins (Accu Radio): I really dig this! A lot deeper and more experimental than I would have expected. Definitely worth picking up!!

Fabian Birke (BLN.FM): For radio play, thanks

Tom Breu (Radio WDR 1Live): Great EP.. swet tea is my fave so far! thumbs up!!

Maziar Kazemi (WvKR 91.3FM Poughkeepsie): Love it

Arveene & Misk (Spin Fm – Clampdown): Feeling these…

Andre Langenfeld (Fritz FM): Exciting… like the full EP

 Jörg Finckbein (BLN.FM) – really into the ep!


Benoit (Tsugi): Cool EP

Elmar (Synmag): Love Sweet Tea!


Frederik Kunth (BR/Arte): I have seen him live and I love him so much!


Paul (Bring Your Jack): A complex, mysterious and hypnotising underwater trip. Good to hear this on BNR. really into LE1F flow.

Dashiell (Funny OR Die): Cedaa remix is very fresh. 1:47 is a great break!

Earmilk: Really forward thinking, BNR really switched up the sound on this one

Andrew (Stoney Roads): Holy hell, interesting to say the least! Digging ‘Soda’ and the Cedaa Remix, 5/5!

Luigi (LBCK): These are some weird ass tunes…and we like it! Nice work


Markus Lindner (Oye-Records): Techno I like! dark n deep n dirty!

DJ Flipperi (Top Billin Music): Soda in my cup!



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