Nov. 19th (Digital+12″)


01. Jellyfish
02. Buoy
03. Soda
04. Sweet Tea
05. Sweet Tea (Cedaa Remix)
06. Soda (MikeQ & Divoli S’vere Daughter’s Ha Remix)
+ Born Underwater as 12“ Exclusive-Track on Vinyl

Please welcome New York City born Boody & Le1f to the BNR-Crew. After his murky debut mixtape “Dark York“, Le1f hooked up with longtime collaborator Boody to present their first official release, “Liquid” on Boysnoize Records.

Liquid is a story of the natural becoming unnatural – of purity assimilating into baseness– a story of the submerged rising up, just to sink again into something new. The record opens with “Jelly Fish” – where deadly, muted kicks cut through the water close to the ocean floor, while gelatinous synths propel the song swiftly along the outline of its ever shifting form. “Buoy“ begins in mutation, struggling and folding in on itself– ultimately finding itself again as a howling, cryptic underwater creation. Anchors, sonar, and vanishing claps build into a dark cavernous tension, ultimately to be relieved by ascension past the water’s surface, giving way for Le1f’s measured and whispery vocal introduction. Now more firmly rooted in the mortal world “Soda” is a reference to the man made, to the fluid product of man’s introduction to nature. Le1f coos suggestively while swelling low end, popping bubbles, and furious “Ha” samples elevate the song to its bursting point. Finally pure in its impurity, the journey completes in “Sweet Tea”, a straightforward ode to the artificial– replete with marching drums, cat calls, and broken glass. Following– Bellingham, Washington’s Cedaa remixes “Sweet Tea“ – using some of Le1f’s strongest lines and a pulsating, hydraulic instrumental, his mix pumps the original into a kind of club mutant. The EP closes with a cunty Jersey Ballroom  remix of “Soda“ from MikeQ and Divoli S’vere. Together they turn the subtle bubbliness of the original into a jackhammer of a floor basher.

As a 12“ Exclusive- prequel track “Born Underwater” will open the EP – a mesmerizing composition that provides a philosophical context for whole release.

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