BNR090/BNRCD016 :BOYS NOIZE – Out Of The Black
Oct 15th (Vinyl) // Oct 8th (CD + Digital)

01. What You Want
02. XTC
03. Missile
04. Ich R U
05. Rocky 2
06. Circus Full Of Clowns feat. GIZZLE
07. Conchord feat. Siriusmo
08. Touch It
09. Reality
10. Merlin
11. Stop
12. Got It feat. Snoop Dogg

The raucous, schizophrenic sound of Out Of The Black – much like previous Boys Noize records – has more to do more with Ridha’s attention span as his choice in gear. “I get bored really easily with sounds,” he explains, “The exciting part for me is trying to come up with new sounds, putting new sounds in a new dress. I’m sound obsessed. I buy a lot of machines and synths, and I’m always looking for a way to destroy sounds in an unconventional way. I’m always drawn to music and productions that sound entirely different or really naïve or sometimes just stupid. I don´t like it when it sounds too clean and generic, there needs to be some sort of soul. I guess that explains a lot about my sound which I think I instinctually capture. But I do try to keep in mind what I loved about dance music when I started doing this and how it made me feel. Those thoughts were also very much on my mind when I was making this record.”

The new album nicely bridges the gap between his previous two efforts; providing the requisite in-your-face electro bang of classic Boys Noize on tracks like “What You Want”, “Rocky 2” and “XTC”, or more melodic songs like “Ich R U“ and “Reality“. At a time when mainstream electronic music—particularly the pervasive cultures of EDM and dubstep—have moved dance music out of the clubs and into the stadiums, Ridha is quick to acknowledge the old school house and acid records that shaped him as a DJ; the very same records that continue to bubble up as an influence on Out of the Black.

“I never compromise when it comes to creative or musical things,” says Ridha. “I only do what I think is cool and what I like. It’s not about what the market wants or what people expect. Maintaining artistic freedom has always been the most important thing to me — for my own music or for anyone on my label.” As for the title of his new record, Ridha explains that this music isn’t coming from out of the blue. In fact, it’s the opposite. “I tend to make and produce music only at night,” he says. “I also generally only perform at night, so this is music that’s coming totally out of the black. Also, they say the color black can absorb all other colors, which is a cool way to think about making music. You absorb every other kind of music—every possible sound—and what comes out of you is something new, something out of the black.”

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  • Craydizzy said:


  • Rafael Stetner said:

    definitely is a genius
    Words can not describe the admiration for the music and the work that I have for you dude
    offset expected each day
    parabvens for 1 more magnificent work
    if you overcome each day, which always seems impossible happen
    a song better than the other
    that sequence is this? Conchord feat. Siriusmo, Touch It
    , Reality, Merlin, and Got It Stop feat. Snoop Dogg

    Best album of all time

    I used the google translator, sorry for english lol

  • Weileinfacheinfacheinfachist said:

    Huh, i like the Music of Strip Steave and i also like the music from Daft Punk so as many other Electro-House DJ`s. So, your Album isnt bad. But from YOU, I need to say i expected something different. Miss the dirty Electro-Techno Style!
    This doesnt mean your Tracks are bad, i just did expected something different from u.

    Best Regards, keep Rockin!

  • Cesar Cue said:

    Rafa, nice comment dude. Alex will be Alex and Alex can make black music out of the black music just like that last sentence. Please keep it going electro friends :)