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Here in a little interview with Bobmo from his last visit in Berlin, for the Calcium release party.

Hey and welcome BOBMO…It is the first time since a year that you are back in Berlin…

Thanks. Yes and I am really happy to be back in Berlin. I really love this city. Before I started playing in Berlin as a DJ I used to come here a lot for holidays when I was a kid – when I say kid I mean when I was 16 / 17 years old (laughs). Back then I used to take a train from Paris – which took 12 hours. I remember and mainly after I had arrived I partied the whole time through.

About two years ago, I played for the first time as a DJ in Berlin in a place called Magnet Club. After the gig we went to Panorama Bar and I remember that I was so fucked up that I forgot all of my stuff – my computer and everything in the taxi to Panorama Bar.

What a nightmare…

It was a nightmare. Luckily, the promoter of the event got my stuff and sent it express way from Berlin to Paris. It was terrible.
But, I really love Berlin. There are so many different places you can go to. In Paris there are just two clubs. So after a while it gets a bit boring to hear the same music
and see the same faces over and over again!

So, are you thinking about moving to Berlin?

No. No (laughs) Berlin is super nice and the summer is great but honestly speaking, the winter is too tough and cold for me.

You are going to have a release of three tracks soon on BNR TRAX – a subdivision label from BNR. How did you get connected to BNR?

I sent a couple of tracks to Strip Steve, who is signed to BNR and he gave the tracks to Alex from Boysnoize and he obviolusly liked it so the tracks are going to be released in April.

We are all curious about your new tracks. Can you tell us a bit about them – What can we expect?

A lot of different stuff (laughs).

Like what different? In your old tracks you used a lot of Baltimore and Chicago House Stuff…are these styles also some references on the new tracks, too?

Actually not. These new tracks are totally different to my previous stuff. They are much more techno, much more cold and the beat is different, too. I am very happy with them. Creating them was like exploring a total new musical field for me.

Why did you decide to change the musical field?

I used to programme my music with a computer software plus I used to listen to a lot of Hip Hop with a lot of samples. And so I used to do exactly the same thing: I produced a lot of Chicago House stuff with a lot of samples. Now, I wanted to stop to use samples and I wanted to create my own songs and melodies with synthesizers.

On your release there is also going to be a remix of Strip Steve and Das Glow…How did that come into being?

Das Glow was on Institubes with me and Strip Steve and I went to the same college when we were 15. We kind of grew up together in Bordeaux. Now he is living in Berlin and I am living in Paris but we are still good friends. So, it just felt natural that they both do a remix of one of my tracks. I really like this remix. It is great. It sounds lik a videoclash from old school chicago house.

And our last question is: How does your every day life looks like? We heard that you’re practically living in your studio

“Yeah, I ‘m lucky to have my own studio in Paris, that is not easy ! I spend a lot of time here. Its in a building in which others studios are located and its very exciting and interesting to see others musicians that make music in a different way than i do. I can have advices too, i still consider myself as a beginner ! my friend Surkin have a studio there too, and it’s easier to work together as “High Powered Boys”.”

Well, then good luck for your release and thank you for the short interview!

Thank you, too!


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  • Excalibur said:

    New High Powered Boys is great! New Bobmo sounds great! Looking forward to some great marble trax yeayeayeah!

  • doncornelius said:

    word up! Bobmo’s always on point…